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Financial Assistance/Budgeting

The telephone rings, a male voice begins to share his story of layoffs and cutbacks. His family has done well financially for almost 10 years but the last 10 months have been another story. Where can he go for help?

The phone rings again, almost immediately an emotional female asks if we can help keep her utilities on. She has been in this spot before but nothing seems to work. If we can’t help, she doesn’t know what she will do. Everyone else she has called is “Out of Funds”. Where can she find hope?

While we are still on Line #1 with our emotional female, Line # 2 rings. A very quiet voice begins to ask about help with her car. If she doesn’t get to work she will lose her job. This is the third job she’s had in ten months. She has a transportation problem. Who can she turn to? 

These are just a few of the actual case stories that we hear every week. Examples of people needing financial assistance, benevolent help, but no place to turn. But you, through your support, have made that change.

Making ends meet can sometimes be a challenge for us all. Calvary Cares has brought together a variety of resources to insure these and others see hope, and experience help. In order to reach out to families during their time of financial struggle, This ministry has taken a Non-Crisis Intervention position. Our staff will begin to meet with each family to assess their needs, both short and long term, and work to design an action plan to reach those goals. Immediate crisis needs are directed to others, whom we’ve researched, in order to find the time necessary to meet, assess, then write the plan.

Our Calvary Cares Financial Planning /Assistance Counselors facilitate families through the writing of budgets, the assessment of priorities, the education of the family and the underwriting of the plan. 

The Bible contains more than 700 direct references to money and hundreds more to indirect references. This ministry uses God’s Absolute Truth, through the scriptures, applied and presented to reach those without hope.